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Egypt police arrest senior Brotherhood leader Essam el-Arian

( authorities have detained senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Essam el-Arian, the latest arrest in a government crackdown against the Islamist movement, an Interior Ministry source said.   Arian, the deputy leader of the Brotherhood-linked Freedom and Justice party, was taken into custody from a residence in New Cairo where he had been in hiding.   "Yes, he's been arrested an ...

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Local NGO: Ethiopian Paramilitary forces execute civilians in Godey

(Ogadentoday Press)- - Ethiopian Paramilitary forces in Ogaden have executed three civilians in Godey Zone in Eastern Part of Ethiopia, volatile region of Ogaden bordering with Somalia. According to locals in Godey, 6 civilians have been arrested by the Paramilitary forces in Godey’s village of Hadhawe, the detainees were taken to Godey town and three of them are found executed by the Paramilitary forces, N ...

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Kenyan army admits that soldiers looted Westgate mall during siege

( Kenyan soldiers deployed to the Westgate shopping center terror attack have been jailed after they were found to have looted mobile phones during the operation, the head of the country’s army said. A third officer, two policemen and four civilians were still being questioned over similar accusations, including that one tried to steal a car from the mall car park during the four-day sie ...

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Double Suicide Attack in Central Iraq Kills 12

(Associated Press ) -Officials say a twin suicide attack targeting soldiers and anti-al-Qaida militiamen in central Iraq has killed 12 people.   A police officer says the first attacker detonated his explosives-laden belt late Tuesday among a group of soldiers and Sahwa militiamen gathered in the orchard of a local militia leader in the town of Tarmiyah.   A second suicide bomber blew himself up a ...

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Is Egypt Trying to Block Israel’s African Union Bid?

( - Israel had submitted a request to the AU in 2003 for membership as an observer state, but at the time AU members did not approve its request. Meanwhile, Egypt is currently facing sanctions by the AU Peace and Security Council, which suspended Egypt's activity in the AU after the ouster of elected President Mohammed Morsi via unconstitutional decisions.   A diplomatic source at the Eg ...

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U.S. drone strike kills two al Shabaab militants in Somalia

(Washington Times)- A U.S. drone strike in Somalia killed two terrorists of the al Qaeda-affiliated group al Shabaab, including a leader of the group, a U.S. official said.   The drone attack took place Monday near the southern town of Jilib when an armed unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with missiles fired on a vehicle in the town, said the official who is knowledgeable of the raid but who spoke on co ...

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Al-Shabaab rebuilds forces in Somalia as African Union campaign stalls

A Kenyan soldier clambers up to his sentry post and stares out across vast plains of bush, acacia trees and red dust. The savanna is peaceful now, but he knows that when darkness falls the enemy will return, typically a band of 15 to 20 men armed with AK-47 rifles. "Every night they are in front of us," the soldier says. "They shoot and go. They run away."   Along the frontline, the Kenyans have piled ...

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Kenya unsafe for US child after westgate, rules court

An American judge Tuesday stopped a Kenyan mother from travelling back home with her 22-month old daughter, saying, Kenya was not safe enough for the child. Ms Waithira Kamau had intended to travel to Kenya with her baby to visit the child’s grandparents and other relatives. But Judge Diane Price of the Napa High Court said the child cannot be guaranteed security while in Kenya. She said security has remain ...

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KDF base in Kismayo airport came under attack last night

Mogadishu (Harar24) Heavy fighting was reported last night the city of Kismayo near the  Airport in Lower Jubba Region.   Residents in Kismayo reported that units from Al-Shabaab carried out an attack last night on KDF forces who are based near the Kismayo Airport.   The exact number of casualties caused by the fighting is not known but residents say they believe there were casualties in last nigh ...

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ONLF attacks several military posts in Ogaden

(Ogadentoday Press)- Ogaden National Liberation Front, a group fighting for self-determination of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia since 1994 has said in statement Today that they have carried out several attacks in Ogaden.   According to the Report, ONLF fighters have attacked a small village located at Korehey Zone, district of Shaygoosh and killed Four Ethiopian troops meanwhile wounded 5 others. ...

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