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Highly anticipated offensive against Al-Shabaab stalled due to Corruption Investigation

Mogadishu (Harar24) – Recently the Head of Military operations, Gen. Abdirazaq Khalif Elmi, sent his letter of resignation to the Somali Ministry of Defense.   Abdirazaq Khalif Elmi, sent his letter of resignation after leaving Somalia and residing in Holland during the ongoing feud between the Somali President and the former Somali Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon. However for unspecified reasons at ...

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Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for last night’s hotel attacks in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (Harar24) – The militant Al-Shabaab movement has claimed responsibility for last night’s twin car bomb explosions at Hotel Jazira.   According to Al-Shabaab’s official spokesman, Ali “Dhere” Mahmud Rage,  the targets of the attack were “senior apostate intelligence officials” who apparently were holding a meeting in the hotel. The spokesman further said that they had killed “more than a dozen ...

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High casualties feared after twin car bombs target Hotel Jazira in Mogadishu

Mogadishu (Harar24) – Two cars filled with explosives have been detonated at Hotel Jazira  in Mogadishu near the airport.   According to eyewitness, the first car was detonated at the hotel causing a huge explosion, moments later as first responders gather a second car was detonated at the scene. Sources so far indicate that at least eight people have been confirmed killed with scores of others injured ...

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Dozens of Somali troops killed as violence sweeps across Lower Shabelle Region.

Mogadishu (Harar24) – The past few days have been one of the deadliest days in the Lower Shabelle province and Mogadishu where dozens are believed to have been killed by IEDs and mines.   It’s not unusual for African Union & Somali troops to be targeted by Al-Shabaab members in the Lower Shabelle province, although ever since Al-Shabaab threatened to intensify their attacks the region has been witn ...

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“Some elements in the security force worse than Al-Shabaab” says Mogadishu’s mayor

Mogadishu (Harar24) – In a meeting with district officials on Saturday, Mogadishu’s mayor Mahamud Nur Tarsan delivered an hour long speech voicing out his concern regarding the deteriorating situation in the Somali capital and Somalia in general.   During the course of the speech the mayor lashed out on the majority of officials describing them as “ineffective”. “You’ll find an office with more than fi ...

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Somali government cracks down on Dayniile residents after explosion

Mogadishu (Harar24) – Following yesterday’s deadly explosion at Dayniile, the Somali government has begun to crack down on residents living in the area.  An estimate of sixty people, most of them being youth, have been arrested according to locals.   The residents of the Dayniile district have been coming under increased scrutiny, they’re often accused of being Al-Shabaab “sympathizers” and harbouring ...

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Al-Shabaab claims responsibility for today’s deadly blast in Daynile

Mogadishu (Harar24) – An explosion that occurred today in the Daynile district of Mogadishu claimed the lives of at least thirteen people, including ten soldiers.   The explosive device which targeted Somali soldiers was planted in an area frequented by soldiers where they would chew khat and drink tea, the explosive was triggered via the use of a remote control residents told Harar24.”Every afternoon ...

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Banning aid groups, in Al-Shabaab’s interest or the Somali people?

By Harar24′s Editorial Team It’s been a little over two years since Al-Shabaab began banning most aid agencies operating in the regions and areas they controlled. Several reasons were given and different explanations were cited by Al-Shabaab. Others warned and said that there would be food shortage and that these actions were bound to starve the victims of the then-famine. After two years what has changed? ...

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Al-Shabaab intermediates two fighting clans in Lower Shabelle

Mogadishu (Harar24) – Two months of tribal fighting seem to be coming to an end after the two warring factions came to an agreement at a reconciliatory meeting hosted by the Islamist movement Al-Shabaab.   The fighting started when militias within the governmental troops started fighting each other in the Lower Shabelle region, each tribe came to the aid of their fellow tribesmen within the militia, th ...

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Guantanamo Prison Commander Previously Ran U.S. Detention in Somalia

When Col. John Bogdan took the witness stand Wednesday morning in the military commission hearing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, he’d been called to testify about the strict limits he’s imposed on defense attorneys’ visits with their death penalty clients. The attorneys representing the five defendants accused of masterminding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks claim Bogdan’s rules make their jobs unreasona ...

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