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Al-Shabaab Fighters attack and take over Amisom bases in the outskirt of Beledweyne

Mogadishu (Harar24) – A heavy battle that lasted for a few hours occurred in the areas of Luuq-Jeelow and Baar Village in the outskirt of Beledweyne in Hiiraan province between combined forces of Djiboutian & Somali troops against Al-Shabaab fighters. According to the residents Fighters belonging to Al-shabaab had attacked Djaboutian troop bases in the area of Luuq-Jeelow which prompted heavy fight that ...

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AMISOM accused of killing camels belonging to herder

Mogadishu (Harar24) - Yesterday as an AMISOM convoy of armored vehicles was driving near the city of Leego an IED detonated, as a result the AMISOM troops started randomly firing in hopes of shooting the Al-Shabaab fighters behind the explosion. However, in the midst of the chaos and hail of bullets, thirteen camels who were roaming around not too far from their herder were killed.   Camels are prized ...

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Reports of several attacks in Southern & Central Somalia

Mogadishu (Harar24) – As Djiboutian troops were patrolling the outskirts of the turbulent town of Beledweyne, they fell into an ambush laid by Al-Shabaab fighters.   According to reports the Djiboutian troops were patrolling the area when Al-Shabaab fighters opened fire on them, the casualties of the ambush however remain unknown.   The city of Beledweyne has lately seen an increase in violence as ...

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10-year old boy shot dead in Suez

( 10-year-old boy has been shot dead while walking near the site of clashes between supporters and opponents of deposed president Mohamed Morsi in Egypt's northern city of Suez, security and medical sources said. In Cairo, a 21-year-old man died after being shot in the chest during clashes between the two camps, and across the country another 14 people were injured in confrontations, the head ...

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Most victims of Ogaden conflict are women & children

(Ogadentoday Press)- As is common in every conflict that ravages war zones around the world, most victims of the Ogaden conflict are women and children. Unfortunately Ogaden victims lack international NGO attention since the Ethiopian government in Addis Ababa barred NGO from operating freely  in major parts of the Ogaden region in Eastern Ethiopia. A study carried out by Ogadentoday press has shown that th ...

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Female journalist who claimed she was raped arrested by Somali police

Mogadishu (Harar24) – A nineteen year old Somali woman who claims she had been raped has been arrested by police in Somalia along with the journalist who interviewed her about her ordeal.   This comes as a growing number of Somali women are becoming rape victims, but few are those who come out in the open to report the crime they have been subjected, as often they fear reprisals and their lives are thr ...

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American drone malfunctions and crashes into missile cruiser

An American drone has malfunctioned and crashed into a guided missile cruiser off the coast of Southern California, causing two injuries, say officials. The incident happened while the vessel was testing a combat weapons system.   Lt. Lenaya Rotklein of the US Third Fleet told AP the two sailors injured in the crash were being treated for minor burns. The remotely-controlled craft reportedly veered out ...

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Why does Prime Minister Shirdon have to resign?

By Harar24 Editorial Team   Recently there had been a lot of talk surrounding the Somali Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon and his resignation. The Prime Minister had on previous occasions dismissed claims regarding his resignation and said that there would be a cabinet shuffle.   However several reports and sources inside the government have now confirmed that the Somali President Hasan Mahmud se ...

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Victim of Alleged Rape Attack by AU Soldiers and Witnesses Harassed

(Nairobi) – Somali authorities should order a new, impartial, and transparent investigation into an alleged gang-rape by African Union (AU) soldiers. The case has been marred by mismanagement, opacity, and the harassment of the female rape survivor and support service providers.   A Somali woman told local media on August 9, 2013, that Somali government forces had abducted her the day before in a north ...

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