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Ethiopia: Civilian killings and arrests in Ogaden Region

According to reports that Ogadentoday Press has received from  independent sources in Ogaden, crack downs on civilians are taking place in different zones of Ogaden, a region in eastern Ethiopia that has been ravaged by conflict since 1994.   Sources close to the Ogaden regional administration that refused to be named told Ogadentoday Press that twelve people had been killed by the regional Paramilitar ...

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Hakimullah the Hospitable

( had the blood of hundreds if not thousands of Pakistanis on his hands. Yet, Hakimullah Mehsud, killed by a U.S. drone on Nov. 1 in the North Waziristan tribal agency, wore his brutality lightly. Journalists who spent time with the deceased Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief say the 34-year-old certainly knew how to turn on the charm. Sailab Mehsud, who reports for U.S.-funded Radio M ...

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Suspected Al-shabab militants Carried out Coordinated attacks in Bosaaso

Mogadishu (Harar24) – The combined sounds of bullets and explosions rocked the city of Bosaso last night as suspected Al-Shabaab militants attacked the central prison in the city.   Puntland officials claim that up to sixty Al-Shabaab fighters attacked the central prison alone, while others attacked two police stations in the city. Al-Shabaab has yet to comment on the attack.   The prison chief Sh ...

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Ethiopia’s Liyu Police -The New Crisis of the Horn of Africa

By Ahmed Abdi (Ahmed Abdi is a writer for Ogadentoday Press) Ethiopian paramilitary forces or the Liyu Police who are better known as "Ethiopia's Janjaweed " are killing, raping, torturing and arresting unarmed civilians in the Ethiopian-Occupied Ogaden Region.   The Liyu Police’s human rights violations are well-documented by the human rights groups- such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International a ...

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Somalia, the next Waziristan?

By Jamal Hadji Nur (Editor at Harar24)   Drone strikes & bombardments aren’t a new addition to the Somali war, however since the Westgate attack the West has stepped up its aerial activities over Somalia.   Recently two Al-Shabaab fighters were killed by a drone attack near Jilib, which was claimed by America. And not too long after that, the Kenyan military claimed to have attacked a suspecte ...

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Shabaab stage attack as President visits Kismayo

Kismayo (Harar24) – Today was the first time in twenty years that a Somali president visited Kismayo. However as the President and his envoy were present at the airport, Al-Shabaab fighters were busy firing anti aircraft weapons at aerial vehicle carrying the president.   The attack occurred around midday local time, as the president arrived in Kismayo in order to hold talks with the interim president ...

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Al-Shabaab’s response to Ban Ki-Moon’s call for Amisom troop increase.

Mogadishu (Harar24) – Al-Shabaab’s spokesman Sheik Ali Mohamud Rage (Sheik Ali Dhere) responded to United Nations General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon's call to the security council for "a significant temporary boost" to AMISOM's numbers.   Sheik Ali Dhere said in an exclusive interview with Al-Furqan radio that the extra  AMISOM troops supposed to come to Somalia will be of no avail.   Sheik Ali Dhere a ...

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Al-Shabaab spokesman: “We’ve killed 12 Sierra Leonean soldiers in the span of four days”

Mogadishu (Harar24) – Al-Shabaab’s military spokesman Abu Mus’ab Abdulaziz in a press conference given to local media said: “We will continue fighting them until they leave us.”   In the conference the Al-Shabaab spokesman went into detail regarding military operations carried out by the Al-Shabaab organization. “We’ve killed 12 Sierra Leonean soldiers in the span of four days” he claimed in the confer ...

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Somali MP Omar Islow Mohamed passes away in Nairobi

Mogadishu (Harar24) – Somali member of parliament, Omar Islow Mohamed  passed away yesterday in Nairobi’s Aga Khan hospital after having been in poor health for a while.   Omar Islow Mohamed entered the parliament when the first Somali interim government was elected, which was headed  by the then president Abdi Qasim. Omar Islow had since been a member of parliament until his death.   The Somali p ...

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BREAKING: 2 Sierra Leonean armed vehicles damaged as they land in Shabaab ambush

Dhobley (Harar24) – Troops belonging to Sierra Leone landed in an ambush as they were travelling to Tabto.   The ambush occurred this noontime at Dalbiyo, close to Dhobley, in the Lower Jubba region. According to incoming reports, a vehicle belonging to the Sierra Leonean forces was completely destroyed, whilst another one was heavily damaged. Human casualties remain unconfirmed, but further reports to ...

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