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Twin explosions rock the city of Marka

Two large explosions rock the main police headquarter in the city of Marka in Lower Shabelle province.   Residents in the city of Marka said they heard the two large explosions near the main city center in which the police station is located.   Eye witnesses at the scene said they saw smoke coming out from inside the police station where soldiers use to drink tea every afternoon.   “We heard ...

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Ahmed Madobe refuses to attend Mogadishu conference

Kismayo (Harar24) The leader of the Jubba interim administration in Somalia Ahmed Madobe has said on Monday that his administration will not attend a reconciliation conference projected by the federal government of Somalia.   Following the Addis Ababa agreement signed by the federal government and the leader of the Jubba interim administration, the government recently pronounced to host a large and inc ...

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IED attack in Beled Hawo

­­Beled Hawo (Harar24) At least three Governmental soldiers were killed  and three others were wounded after an IED explosion targeted a small coffee shop near the central police station in the Kenyan border town of Beled Hawo , in Gedo region of southwestern Somalia on Monday night, locals report.   According to the Beled Hawo police commissioner Jamal Hassan Sarey, the explosion was caused by an IED ...

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Somali Prime Minister dismisses resignation claims.

Mogadishu (Harar24) Somali Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon has today rebuffed reports claiming his resignation following growing pressure from the parliament. Recently more and more members of the parliament have been turning against the Prime Minister for not doing enough to fight corruption he promised will eliminate. Since coming to the office security situation in Mogadishu have deteriorated and corru ...

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AU envoy denied access to Kismaayo

The Kenyan forces based in Kismayo in the Jubba region have denied the Chief of Staff of the Somali Forces Abdirazaq Khalif and Lieutenant General Andrew Gutti of the African Union forces access to the Southern Somali city of Kismayo. Sources in the city reported that the  Kenyan forces ordered the two men to return back to Mogadishu after detaining them in Kismayo’s airport for hours. A few months earlier ...

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Reports of grenade attacks in Kismayo and Mogadishu

Residents in Kismayo and Mogadishu were last night awoken to the sound of grenade attacks in their respective cities. Hand grenades were hurled at the main Wadajir Police Headquarter in what the locals say was an Al-Shabaab attack took place in the Wadajir district in Mogadishu.   Locals reported casualties among the Somali soldiers in the station. “We have seen a few soldiers being taken from the stat ...

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Exclusive images of failed raid

Left behind: Equipment abandoned by the SEALs Harar24 News has received exclusive images from the SEAL raid carried out in Baraawe during the early morning hours on Saturday by US forces.   A local Harar24 reporter based in Baraawe managed to get access to the equipment left behind behind by the US navy seal and was able to obtain pictures.The special forces who are now believed to be from US’s Navy SE ...

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Heavy Battles in Qansax Dhere, Bay Region.

Heavy Battles are being reported last night from the city of Qansax Dhere in Bay Region.   Residents in Qansax Dhere are reporting that units from Al-Shabaab carried out an attack last night on Ethiopian invading forces who are based on the outskirts of the city of Qansax Dhere.   According to our correspondent in Bay Region there are casualties among the Ethiopian forces, but the exact details re ...

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SEAL raid in coastal town failed

In the early hours of Saturday the Somali coastal town of Baraawe was subject to a raid carried out by what was then believed to be "Western" forces. It is now becoming more clear that these "Western" forces may have been US Navy SEALs, contrary to earlier claims that the raid was carried out by a joint force of British SAS and Turkish special forces. Local residents claimed that the raid started around 2am ...

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