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JAMAL OSMAN Reports that some of the al-Shabaab terrorists, who attacked the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi, escaped are likely to be true, writes Jamal Osman. Now they can expect a life of hero worship. We don't know how many of them may have escaped, but at least half of them are thought to have made it to Somalia and are now safe in the al-Shabaab-controlled territory. While Kenyan authorities are b ...

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It’s time to cut our losses and get out of Somalia

By Billow Kerrow We gave our security forces the entire arsenal they wanted to fight terrorism and other threats to our peace but in security has only got worse across the country. The Westgate terrorist attack was devastating to our collective psyche. No one expected such a horrifying spectacle in the heart of the city: at least, not a brazen raid on a top-end business hub in broad daylight, right under th ...

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