Occupiers, Bombs, and Recruitment Reviewed by Momizat on . The military invasion of Somalia which commenced over 12 years ago has been marred by atrocities, abuse, and continuous disregard for humane rules of engagement The military invasion of Somalia which commenced over 12 years ago has been marred by atrocities, abuse, and continuous disregard for humane rules of engagement Rating: 0
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Occupiers, Bombs, and Recruitment

Occupiers, Bombs, and Recruitment

The military invasion of Somalia which commenced over 12 years ago has been marred by atrocities, abuse, and continuous disregard for humane rules of engagement.  The Americans have repeatedly bombed and raided villagers and Bedouins with apparent impunity.  This trend has increased dramatically since the American people decided to “Make America Great Again.”  The policy has actually been two-pronged; Let the military loose on the ground, while claiming noble standards of conduct and the strict targeting of “insurgents.”  Furthermore as America has led through example, all of its cronies have followed in suit.  Whether the AU “Peacekeepers” were from Ethiopia, Uganda, or Burundi, each took part in their share of crimes and oppression against the Somali people which have been reported on and documented.

In another chapter in this nightmare of hypocrisy that has faced the Somali people for over a decade, the United States Air Force once again decided to show the people of East Africa the “greatness” of America.   On Thursday night, August 30th, 2018 the twilight sky of the small city of Jilib in southern Somalia was filled with US military aircraft.  Unbeknownst to the naïve families sleeping comfortably in their homes, the fireworks were set to go off in a few hours.  Eyewitnesses stated that the first bomb was dropped at around 11pm and that the terror continued for the next hour with at least three to four more airstrikes occurring, all of which were inside the city limits.  The whole city would witness the “greatness” the following morning.  The businessmen, farmers, students, mothers, teachers, herders, laborers, and children touredthe various locations to view the wide range of destruction and damage to homes, businesses, and vehicles.  In one instance, a two-story house had a “smart bomb” crash through its roof whereas another bomb landed between two houses causing devastation to both.   Eyewitnesses thanked Allah due to the fact that there were no fatalities and no serious injuries reported,given that the bombs had exploded next to families and caused damage to their houses.  (For the US military that means: No EKIAs to write off this time.)  Further along at the city center, a female entrepreneur had her small tea café blown to smithereens and national telecommunications companies had their offices riddled with shrapnel.  In addition, a parking lot had been struckresulting in damage to a variety of different vehicles.  Eyewitnesses also claimed that two of the bombs struck only about 100 meters from two Mosques regularly attended by the people of Jilib.

The results of the operation show a complete disregard for the life and private property of the Somali Muslim population.Of course the US government will first try to deny any involvement, but the facts on the groundrefute that claim and show that all major raids and bombing campaigns have been executed or coordinated by the Americans.  The US Air Force even admitted taking part in the failed French raid of January 2013 in which the French commandoes arrogantly and ruthlessly bayonetted innocent Somali farmers of both genders during their approach to the city of BuuloMareer where poetic justice was awaiting them.  Maybe the Americans will deflect the disgrace of thecurrent air raid that targeted an urban city center and the civilian population on the AU “peacekeepers,” which would actually open another can of worms.  Frankly, no matter how much the political arm of the US government preaches its love and respect for the Somali people, these types of actions send the real message of hatred and contempt with crystal clear clarity.  Even though Valentine’s Day is six months away, they may try to explain how those bombs were actually carrying letters of affection to an underprivileged people and that the abrupt flames that lit up the neighborhoods and streets that night were actually beds of red roses to symbolize a new relationship of compassion.  In their playbook it all makes sense and all works out in the end, but in reality it was more like the Americans scoring an own-goal.  Can you imagine someone scoring an own-goal and then cheering…or trying to explain how that goal is going to help them win in the end???  Al-Shabab goes to painstaking efforts to explain to and convince the Somali people that the occupying foreign troops are the enemy and that they don’t want anything positive for the Somali people.  Do you think the woman whose shop was demolished needs to be convinced anymore?  What about her customers???  Do you think the families that are rebuilding their homes need to be persuaded about the enmity that the invaders hold towards all Somalis?  What about their relatives and tribesmen locally and internationally???  Do you think the car owners have to be swayed in their political outlook?  What about their friends and relatives all over Somalia???  Do you think that the school children who were terrorized during the night and who witnessed the destruction the next day are able to discern friend from foe???

The bottom line is that many Somalis do not understand the English language and the hypocritical rhetoric, but they can definitely understand the language of aerial bombing that targets their cities, welfare, businesses, friends, and family.  Once again, the US Air Force has successfully expedited the efforts of Al-Shabab and taken a direct role in the recruitment process for the group.  Furthermore, Somalis should realize that this will definitely not be the last of these vicious crimes that they will have to bear, and although many military advisors may try to downplay the negative effects of such foolish operations and the harm that they could cause in the long term, the upcoming 25th anniversary of Blackhawk Down should be a reminder enough to never willfully stir the hornet’s nest.

By Hasan Ali

Businessman / EKIA in waiting

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